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Live music blues band playing blues music for pubs music for wedding receptions and music for festivals. Specialising in Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, Texas Blues and Blues Rock

No Parkin Blues Band

Playing Rhythm and Blues for Pubs, Festivals, Parties and all types of special occasions

Dave - Vocals, Sax & Blues Harp
David Walker
Dave has plenty of experience with the Blues

playing Sax with the Maxwell Street Blues Band and the former Dick Smith Blues band, Steel Head.

He also plays a mean blues harp making for a great Blues combo.

Dave sings main vocals on many No Parkin numbers and warbles the odd harmony on others.

Blind Dog Rob - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Rob Burton
The king of the 'Five Acres' Blues Guitar and with a 'life time' of experience, Blind Dog plays a versatile line of rhythm and lead with a style to match the music.

If you cut him in half he'd have 'Blues' written right through his middle.

His younger days were spent playing in various bands, including the famous Pathfinders, and after a long break from the music scene he has more recently played for Steel Head and The Time Lords.

Domi - Vocals & Percussion
Domi Walker
Domi is a hugely experienced vocalist

playing in various bands over the years but also has a wealth of experience as a soloist

performing anything from classical to rock but with a big passion for the Blues.

Domi sings main vocals on many of the No Parkin numbers and provides percussion support too.

Jeff Bunyan
Jeff is a musical virtuoso with a wide range of talents covering vocals, rhythm, bass, and mandolin.

Jeff has formed and fronted many bands over the years. He's turning his talent pump out the Bass

for No Parkin but expect to see see him play pretty much any other instrument

Mike Smith
Mike is a highly experienced percussionist with a wealth of experience, specialising in playing Blues & Jazz and hits a blues groove like no other

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